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Since its establishment 2004, NACUL has been striving to bring Charcoal Producers and groups together in order to formulate and present their views on issues affecting them and other disadvantaged groups as well as addressing other political, socio- economic issues that may have serious negative implications on the Liberian people as a whole. Since then, officers and members of the National Charcoal Union of Liberia are deeply concerned about the plights of local forestry producers in particular, charcoal producers, sellers, buyers and distributors (both women and men), the youth and other disadvantaged groups , have committed themselves to working together closely with farmers groups and other relevant entities;

including the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), Ministries of Agriculture, Mines and Energy, Internal Affairs, as well as the Liberia Land Authority (LRA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Rural Renewable Agency (RREA) and Farmer Union Network as one team to actively participate in action-oriented activities/programs to ensure the realization of the goals, aspirations, and objectives for the fulfilment of the charcoal producers’ rights and that of other disadvantaged groups.
NACUL seeks to promoting effective forest governance and sustainable charcoal production in Liberia by addressing limited knowledge on forest governance and laws, low entrepreneurial skills amongst charcoal production chain, rampant and unsustainable charcoal production across some counties, low skills on forest resource utilization, weak institutional collaboration, and low or limited evidence through research in the sector amongst charcoal producers in Liberia.

By providing key training, creating collaborative fields and linkages, NACUL will build a solid Charcoal Union that is empowered, informed and capacitated to advocate for its rights but equally participate into the protection of forests while at the same time conducting sustainable charcoal production with very limited harm to the environment. The incentive for driving farmer and charcoal activities and the promotion of energy rights and ultimately to contribute to the achievement of the responsive policies, plans and programs at all levels will ensure sustainable actions and equally promotes peace and stability as the charcoal sector now serves as an employment for very huge families. With the mission to build the capacities, advocate and promote charcoal producers for sustainable charcoal production in the rural areas of Liberia, NACUL has trained its members in key laws, promote dialogue, establish new associations and create linkages necessary to unify the National Union.

To advocate and lobby the legislature and other branches of Government to regulate and enforced plans, programs and policies national to ensure that charcoal production are technology improved with in Liberia for transformation to modem production. To educate and strengthen the capacity of charcoal institutions and structures both at local and national levels involve in the promotion of charcoal production, recognition of charcoal as a key source of energy in Liberia. To provide safe environment and establishment of clear marketing arrangements and rules for charcoal production for sustainable Peace, Justice, security and Livelihood in Liberia. With this in mind, the Union has identified four pillars through we can together promote sustainable charcoal production and sustainability of the Liberian forest. These pillars include tree planting, improved production technology, alternatives sources and efficient use of charcoal. The Union has over the years established and legalized seventeen (17) network associations in four counties in Liberia, namely: Montserrado, Bomi, Grand Cape Mount and Margibi. With supports from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and through the Farm and Forest Facility (FFF), the EU-FLEGT program, the Union was able to develop their constitutions and open the associations’ initial bank accounts. These associations include three seller associations and fourteen producer associations.

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